My Protect Kit began when the world needed protection during a pandemic like no other. A team of entrepreneurs, designers, suppliers and more, realized that the world needed a solution to the PPE crisis. With more than 25 years of business experience, our team wanted to fit as much protection as possible in the smallest most convenient, resealable bag.

My Protect Kit was born, and with it ushered a new era of protection. Inside our premium kits you'll find 4 PPE Items - 3ply mask, pair of gloves, wipes, and a sanitizing gel. We created our kits to fit inside your purse, pocket, backpack, and glove compartments.



Darin Milman , Co - Founder and CEO of My Protect Kit, LLC, has worked with countless startup companies and helped facilitate their unprecedented growth.  Mr. Milman is passionate about the entrepreneurial spirit and the innovations it brings.  His passion is to build brands and find solutions to problems that can help people live happier and healthier lives. Darin grew up around medicine—his father is a physician and his mother is a retired nurse. He practically grew up in the hospital and even earned a degree in cellular molecular biology. When the global pandemic began, he combined his scientific background with his strong business acumen to create My Protect Kit with his partner Doron.

Doron Katz, Co- Founder and COO of My Protect Kit, LLC, served in the Navy, and then traveled extensively throughout the world. He learned about the many different types of people and cultures. He came to America to finish his business degree and shortly thereafter, started an import chocolate company from France. Years later he made the first successful private labeled chocolate product for our friends at Costco. In addition, he introduced them to the very popular Sabra Hummus. Doron is happily married and has 4 children with 2 dogs. He knows the importance of protecting his family so he decided to partner with his friend Darin of 15 years, to protect the world one kit at a time. The next phase was to put a talented team together.

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Lindsey M.

Marketing Manager

"I had a lot of errands to do a few weeks ago. I had to go to the supermarket and I realized that I didn’t have a mask. Then, I remembered that I had My Protect Kit in my glove compartment. It saved my day"